Tri Star Safe Fire & Burglary Protection Features

With a Tri Star safe you can rest assured that your precious commodities are protected from fire.

Tri Star safes carry an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating which designates both the fire rating and how burglary safe our products are. Underwriters Laboratories is renowned for its thorough and rigorous testing and is trusted by many industries as the standard in safety.

3 Key fireproofing features built into every Tri Star Safe

fireboard layers More layers of fireboard + thicker steel = more time to protect

9 Features make Tri Star Safes tougher

Thicker bodies robotically welded together for tougher welds & strong safes.
UL Listed locks trigger when drilled or torched.
Thicker bolts & longer extending prevents prying.
Complicated door structure prevents prying and increase fire protection.
Triple-layered hard plates protect safe against attack.
External re-lockers lock-up the mechanism when punched or drilled.
Internal ball-bearing hinge ensures a tighter secure lockup.
Over-center & gear-drive mechanisms protect against side bolt punching.
Safes are pre-drilled for bolt down security to eliminate stealing of safe.

Here's a demonstration of these qualities in action:

Note: Tri Star Safes are called "Liberty Safes" in the USA.