Tri Star Home Safe Series

Fire grade

Tri Star Fireproof Document Safes provide the greatest degree of protection for your important household documents and valuables, with the world's leading fireproof and security manufacturing techniques.

Designed and built for the American market where the houses are built mainly from wood, the Tri Star safe remains unscathed and all the articles inside untouched while everything else in the home has been destroyed by a fiercely burning fire.

A thief breaking into your house will grab the easiest articles to sell fast. Lock up your:

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Model TS-H12E Forest Green TS-H08E Ivory White TS-H05E Jet Black
External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
1066 x 660 x 508 mm 673 x 660 x 508 mm 520 x 508 x 508 mm
Weight 167.0 kg 121.0 kg 86.5 kg
Price $1,284,38 $991.45 $783.86
S&G E-Lock
Single point handle

These elegant, durable safes feature exquisite interior decoration with adjustable shelving.

Protection from fire:

Protection against theft:

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